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The IoT platform that simply connects you and your products directly with your customers

The Internet of “Things that People Love”

Digitally transform your business with an unprecedented level of customer engagement across your entire product life cycle

Join the smart objects revolution

The Blustream IoT platform is a complete, configurable software solution
that simply integrates cloud-based data analytics and networked sensors into your products and the places where they live.

By monitoring environmental conditions and product usage,
you gain an unparalleled opportunity to engage
with the most valued person in your organization, your customer

Protect your customers' cherished products you made for them

Continuously monitor data sensors for environmental risks and behavioral insights

Grow revenue and margins at lower cost of sales

Nurture enduring customer relationships with direct communications and new services

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Seamlessly integrate your internal education, community, support, and marketing systems

Use data to drive sales and marketing

Steer users to timely info and offers based on predictive analytics and machine learning

Rapidly develop your IoT solution in just weeks

Discover how blustream helps you create a direct relationship with your customer quickly and easily.

Dedicated to your success

“We bring deep domain expertise and our unique enterprise-ready software platform to allow our partners to embrace and rapidly deploy IoT-enabled products and services.

Our partners forever strengthen the relationship they have with their customers, immediately overcoming entrenched market barriers.“

Bob Bean
Blustream founder and Chairman

Optimize your long term customer value