Getting Started

Lets get your valuables protected!


1. Installing the app

First thing to do, is to download and install the Blustream™ App from the app store.


2. Create an account

To get started with the Blustream™ App and Sensor, you will need to create a new account using your email address. Launch the Blustream™ App and select sign up from the login page. Fill out the required information and you’ll be on your way!

*You do need an internet connection to create an account

3. Linking your sensor

1. Either remove the pull tab from your sensor. If you’ve already previously done this, remove the battery door and battery from the unit. Then re-insert the battery & door. Look to make sure the sensor blinks red 4 times.

pull tabbattery reset

2. Open up the iOS app, confirm Bluetooth is on and that you have an internet connection. Make sure any other Blustream sensors are atleast 10ft away. Then from the primary My Valuables screen select the + button in the upper right hand corner

Start Linking

3. Wait for linking to complete. If it fails, check your internet connection and select retry. If it continues to fail, please contact support imediately!

4. Now it’s time to name your sensor & select whats its protecting! We usually pick something descriptive like Desk Humidior or Kitchen Wine Rack.
Don’t forget to select the right type of valuable that you are going to protect!! This helps the Blustream app to notify you when your valuable is in danger. If you don’t see the right type, don’t worry you can always use our “other” category and adjust the alert ranges to your liking.

5. Congrats, your sensor is linked to your account!! Any time you are logged in on a compatible device, you will automatically be able connect, collect, and view data.

4. Viewing my data

Once you’ve linked your Blustream sensor, your going to want to see the data it’s collecting!

  1. When looking at the My Valuables screen, you will see your linked sensor in the list. Simply select it to jump over to graph screen
  2. You can now select hourly, daily, or monthly to change the granualrity of the plot. The graph displays the average reading for the time. When selecting a point on the graph you will also see the High & Low reading listed at the bottom of the screen
  3. To change between Humidity, Temperatre, and Impact. Simply select the desired button below the graph. (To enable Impact detection, checkout “Turning on impact detection”
5. Setting up your valuables profile

The Blustream app allows for you to add some quickly accessible, optional information about your valuable.

  1. To get to your sensor’s profile, either from the My Valuables screen select the sensor’s avatar or from the graph screen press the settings icon in the upper right hand corner.
  2. From the sensor settings screen, you can click on the Avatar to change the default icon. You can select a different icon or upload your own photo.
  3. You can change your sensor’s name at any point simply by pressing the pencil.
  4. Next you will find a list of fields to help customize your sensor and store convenient data! Simply select the field you’d like to modify and you’re off!
  5. If at any point you’d like to change what your sensor is protecting, you always simply change the valuable type too!
6. Turning on impact detection

Impact detection requires use of the on board accelerometer to measure the magnitude of the force applied to your sensor & valuable. This additional sensing substantially more power (roughly 5 times more!). We at Blustream recommend turning your impact detection on and off as needed, for things like travel & shipping.

When you are ready to turn impact sensing on, this how you do it

  1. Go to your sensor settings screen either by selecting the sensor’s Avatar from the My Instruments screen or by selecting the settings icon from the sensor’s graph page.
  2. Scroll down on the Settings page and select Impact Alerts.
  3. Simply Toggle the Accelerometer on to enable or disable impact detection!
7. Mounting your sensor

Blustream Sensors come with two pieces of velcro for quick and easy mounting anywhere. The key is to place the sensor in the right spot to accurately measure everything you need to know about your valuable!

We at Blustream recommend mounting the sensor near your valuable in a closed environment where it spends most of its time. Great options are cases & boxes for your valuable because they maintain their own micro-climate. Don’t worry, one of the great things about Blustream is that its totally portable. So you can easily take it anywhere your valuable goes!

Your sensor will measure whatever it is enclosed in, so if you mount it on the wall in your house you will be measuring the entire room’s humidity, temperature, and impact which is often different than say your Humidor or Safe. Just don’t put it in water, Blustream isn’t waterproof!

Simply take 2 of the same pieces and place one on the raised square on the back of your sensor. Then place the other one straight below it in the center of the battery door. Next place your two other pieces ontop & remove the plastic backing, then just stick it wherever you want to mount it!

Contacting Blustream

You can contact the Blustream™ Support team anytime with questions, feedback, or issues either from inside the Blustream™ App, email,facebook,twitter, or just call us at +1 (888) 997-2707 !