We Help People Care for What They Love

Just look around you, we’re all surrounded by things we cherish but how many of them are you actually taking care of? Do you know when or how to do it? The tasks pile up and our experiences suffer.


Why Care


Do You Know What to Do and When?

Sure, things come with start up guides and user manuals, but did you really memorize it? Do you continue to diligently follow every step after that first day? It’s not your fault, its not easy to keep track of it all and it’s even harder to know what to do. We all just end up doing what little we can, hoping for the best, and when it breaks we buy a new one or give up. The right advice at the right time makes all the difference, enjoy your things.


You’re Disconnected from Your Customers

When a customer leaves your store, they’re gone. A customer’s journey far exceeds just the buying/selling process, you want to help ensure they have an unforgettable experience with your product/service. You hope your social media efforts and your support teams help engage and ensure positive experiences, but often at that point it’s already too late. Care enables you to engage with customers throughout their journey, creating positive experiences



We Live in a Throw-away Society

When something breaks, we just throw it out. What else are we supposed to do? It’s too hard to take care of our things and then when they break, it’s too expensive to fix them. There is a better way, one that fits within our daily lives and schedules, small easy to do preventative care tasks means better experiences and less waste. 


What We Do

Technology That Helps You Care

Using leading AI, IoT, cloud, and mobile technology, our platform enables people to take care of anything in their life. By recommending what to do and when, we make it easier for us all to take care of our things. Our unique platform approach enables brands, users, and things to get connected with care in a fraction of the time.

Tailored Experiences

Care is all about enabling a better experience, every user has their own routine, and every thing has its own needs. Using our platform, brands and experts configure tailored experiences that work for you. Our partners see transformative post sale engagement and reduction in churn. A happy customer is a repeat customer.


Expert Powered

The right advice. Our platform is used by leading brands and world renowned experts to deliver the right advice at the right time to users around the world. We work with our partners to transfer their knowledge into care models which are continuously optimized by machine learning.

Drop Us a Line!

Do you have something that you would really like help caring for? Or do you think your business and customers could really benefit from care? Please reach out, we truly believe everything needs care.

About US

Our Story

Our team, just like everyone else had all sorts of things in their lives ruined due to a lack of care. Some of our’s were musical instruments, homes, plants, pets, food, shoes, and so many more. We set out to solve this problem, not just for a single type of thing, but for all things. After interviews and research, and more interviews and more research, we found that it’s just hard to know what to do and when. On the rare occasions, when we knew what to do and when, we would also forget, get busy, or it was just an inconvenient time. We built the world’s first care platform to address this fundamental problem, partnering with leading brands to bring care to millions of homes.

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