Wireless Bluetooth® Humidity, Temperature and Impact Sensor with App

Wine Storage

Wine is much more sensitive to temperature and humidity than many people are aware.  See how Blustream can help.

Cigar Humidors

Keep your cigars in perfect condition for an ideal smoke

Cannabis Storage

Preserve your cannabis to maintain freshness, potency, and taste with Blustream’s help.

Gun Safes & Cases

Maintain ideal conditions in your safe or on the go with Blustream.

Unleash Blustream® OEM Technology in your Products!

Your customer’s valuable assets are an investment in their business or personal collections.

Help them monitor and protect their valuables by integrating Blustream smart protection technology into your products.

Incorporate our patent-pending environmental and impact sensor into your products.
Leverage the Blustream SDK to create purpose-built iOS and Android apps for your market.