Optimize Your Process

Blustream’s Sensor and App Help You Get Your Best Batch Yet
Protect your collection too

Optimize Your Process for Master Yields

Master cannabis growers use advanced methods and technology
to get the best crop possible. Blustream’s sensor and app allows
you to become a home growing master.

Don’t lose time. Optimize your growing process with instant
access to historical and real time humidity and temperature data
that you have never had before. Yield an outstanding batch? Use
this data to replicate the quality!

Blustream’s revolutionary remote monitoring solution
provides deep insights without expensive complicated
setup and integration into specialty equipment.

Protect Against Bud Rot and Mold

Have you ever spent weeks meticulously growing your cannabis only to have bud rot or mildew erase your hard work?

High humidity, especially when combined with high temperature, creates an ideal environment for mold & mildew to grow. You can receive 
notifications when these kinds of conditions arise, and take steps to fix them.

Easy Integration to Your System

Blustream’s sensors are small enough to fit in a curing jar, yet powerful enough to use in larger grow environments like closets or tents.


Simply place and pair a Blustream sensor in each growing environment.


Easy to Read Heads Up Dashboard


Blustream displays simple, easy to read temperature and humidity data, and powerful alerts and notifications to protect your RV from damage and the health of any pets you bring along!


Blustream Helps at Every Stage

Refer to your home growing resources, and our information here, to set environmental parameters that allow for ideal growth through all stages.