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Temperature & Humidity Tracking


Our sensor constantly monitors and records temperature and humidity conditions and streams data to any Bluetooth-connected iOS or ndroid device. Provide notifications when preset limits are exceeded. Display the data hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.


Impact Event Recording & Reporting


Monitor and record high G-force events, such as impacts from being dropped or mishandled. The hardware device records the time, date, and magnitude of the event and sends an alert to any Bluetooth-connected device.

Valuables Dashboard


Create easy to read heads up displays to monitor the health and condition of multiple sensors at a glance.  Bright warning colors let the user see when conditions are outside recommended norms, so they can take immediate action.

Battery Status Monitoring


The Blustream sensor and app includes battery monitoring of the onboard battery which powers the Blustream™ sensor.  With Blustream™ technology inside, you’ll always know when to replace your battery.

Store Important Details


Create a customized details page for each protected item. Users can store critical information about their things such as brand, model, serial number, purchase price and estimated value.

Data Storage


The hardware device stores up to 21 days of hourly temperature, humidity, and activity information without connecting to a smart device.  Upon connection, the information is transferred to the user’s smart device and backed up to the Blustream data server for long term storage in the user’s account.

Unleash Blustream OEM Technology in your Products!

Your customer’s valuable is an investment, a friend, their livelihood.

Help them monitor and protect it by integrating Blustream smart protection technology into your products.

Incorporate our patent-pending environmental and impact sensor into your products.
Leverage the Blustream SDK to create purpose-built iOS and Android apps for your market.


Musicians Age Gracefully.

Instruments should, too. Protect them with Blustream Technology.


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