Wireless Bluetooth® Humidity, Temperature and Impact Sensor with App

Blustream provides a fast and easy avenue to having an IoT platform available to your company in 30 days. Our configurable platform speeds up the process and tremendously reduces your costs to developing a brand leadership presence.

There is no need to start from scratch. The Blustream platform is designed for rapid adoption by using our smart tools to automatically configure and tailor to partner’s brand equity into a new IoT app and sensor experience for their customer to protect valuables.

30 Days to Launch

  • Blustream’s configurable IoT platform allows us to get your IoT presence up and running within 30 days of becoming partners.
    • We guide your company through the process from start to finish
    • We provide on-going support of your customers

We provide user data integrity, privacy, and security support

Company Features on Platform

  • Blustream’s platform allows for:
    • Your company brand printed on our sensor
    • Your company colors and brand inside a configured app
    • An integrated eCommerce engine
    • Data Storage and Utilization

Unleash Blustream® OEM Technology in your Products!

Your customer’s valuable is an investment, a friend, their livelihood.

Help them monitor and protect it by integrating Blustream smart protection technology into your products.

Incorporate our patent-pending environmental and impact sensor into your products.
Leverage the Blustream SDK to create purpose-built iOS and Android apps for your market.