The Blustream Partner Relationship Success Formula

A Successful 3-step Partner Relationship Formula:

  1. Introduction and Exploratory Discussion

Business Evaluation and Use Case Review

Proposal and On-Boarding

Integrate Ecommerce with Data

  • Data collected from your customer’s environment, an integrated ecommerce engine, and our platform combine for a powerful way to grow your business. The Blustream platform can use the data being collected from the sensor to utilize targeted and behavioral-based selling of partner products to the user.

Education and Alerts

  • The Blustream platform allows partners to digitally engage with their customers using partner provided educational content in the app. Marketing materials, education about your product, and blog posts are a few examples of content that can be provided.

Digital Connection to Customers

  • Content directly from your company builds brand loyalty, industry leadership, and a personal connection with consumers engaging with you. Combining our configurable and powerful platform with user education and alerts provides partners a robust solution to industry leadership.

Unleash Blustream® OEM Technology in your Products!

Your customer’s valuable is an investment, a friend, their livelihood.

Help them monitor and protect it by integrating Blustream smart protection technology into your products.

Incorporate our patent-pending environmental and impact sensor into your products.
Leverage the Blustream SDK to create purpose-built iOS and Android apps for your market.