Protecting Cannabis

Keep your weed potent and pleasurable. Blustream can help keep your collection in the right state.
Great for Home Growers

Enjoy Your Cannabis Longer

Preserve potency, flavor, aroma, and smoke-ability with mobile notifications.

Protect Against Mold & Mildew

High humidity, especially when combined with high temperature creates an ideal environment for mold & mildew to grow. Smoking this can cause respiratory, sinus, and other infections making you very ill. Never smoke moldy weed!

Keep Your Buds From Drying Out

Cannabis flower buds are coated in oils containing the cannabinoids & terpenoids secreted by the trichomes. These oils make up the potency, flavor, and aroma. Low humidity dries these oils out causing a harsh flavorless smoke.

Enjoy Your Cannabis Longer

Cannabinoids such as THC & CBD degrade over time loosing their precious potency. Low temperature and proper storage away from UV light slow this natural process down.

Storing Your Cannabis

Keep your cannabis in a cool dark controlled environment with your Blustream™ Sensor!