Maintain the condition and value of your most treasured investments

Keep your firearm in shape to shoot. Blustream can help keep your collection free of humidity and temperature damage.

Maintain your valued firearms at the optimum conditions

Constantly monitors the temperature and humidity inside your gun case and streams the data to your Bluetooth-connected iOS or Android device. Provides notifications when safe limits are exceeded.

Track temperature and humidity data over time. Easily switch between daily, weekly, and monthly view.

Protect your firearms at home and on the go

Unlike other sensors, Blustream Sensor is portable, and can be installed both inside a gun safe or within a gun case, travelling with you wherever you go.

Heads-up Dashboard

Easy to read heads up display allows you to check the condition and health of each gun safe and gun case at a glance. Bright warning colors let you see when conditions are outside recommended norms, so you can take action immediately.

Store Important Firearms Details

The Blustream app provides an easy way to store important details about each firearm, including a picture. Easily share the information with police, insurance, or the airlines in the unfortunate event of theft or damage.