Recreational Vehicles

Your RV is your home on-the-road, protect it like home! Let us help keep your RV free of environmental damage.

Protect Your “Home on the Road”

Monitor the Temperature and Humidity of your RV to secure your valuable “home on the road,” from anywhere!*

Ensure Your RV’s Temperature and Humidity are Kept at Optimal Conditions

The Blustream sensor and app monitors the temperature and humidity inside your RV streaming the data to your Bluetooth-connected iOS or Android device.

The app provides notifications when safe limits are exceeded and has the ability to send alerts to your mobile device when away from your RV.*

Our solution tracks temperature and humidity over time; and you can easily switch between daily, weekly, and monthly view.

On the road and in storage

Keeping your pets safe:

Bringing your pets on the road with you just got a whole lot easier. Blustream monitors the temperature inside your RV and will alert you wherever you are if conditions are trending towards hazardous.*

Protecting against the damaging effects of mold:

When your RV is in storage, unwanted moisture can lead to damage. Blustream will monitor your stored RV, and send alerts if conditions trend towards damaging.*


Easy to Read Heads Up Dashboard


Blustream displays simple, easy to read temperature and humidity data, and powerful alerts and notifications to protect your RV from damage and the health of any pets you bring along!